Suzi H.

Two years ago on 3/12/21, I faced the hardest day of my life. My sweet Duncan had diabetes and cancer and his body was giving out but his spirit was very strong. I made the painful decision to set my soul-kitty free. I called the Final Journey team before they opened and I received a call back almost immediately. They were gentle and understanding and acknowledged my struggle with this decision. They fit me in for later that evening. Dr. Kris and her assistant arrived and were a very calming presence. They gave me all the time I needed to tell stories about my beloved Duncan and validated how much he meant to me. They comforted me and validated that I was making the most compassionate and selfless decision for Duncan. They promised they would treat him with the care and respect I had shown him. And they did. It was as peaceful a moment in such a time of grief could be. They let me say when I was ready and gave me time to hold him after he was gone and say the goodbyes I needed, even though their schedule had been backed up earlier in the day and it was getting late. I watched as they carried my boy out, cradling him like a baby and gently placing him in their vehicle, even when they thought I might not be looking. From the call earlier that day, the moment they walked in, to the moment they drove away, they were caring, calming, and professional. I also knew April, who helps to deliver the ashes following cremation, prior. April knew Duncan and how much he was loved. She was also caring and professional with him in life, and with delivery of his remains as quickly as possible, knowing how much it would mean to have him back home. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this team. In one of the worst moments of my life, they were there and showed compassion and care each step of the way. Duncan got to pass in his own home, in my arms, surrounded by love and compassion. I cannot thank the Final Journey team enough for that precious gift.