Dr. Kristen Klie

Dr. Klie believes that the end-of-life transition of a beloved companion is a personal and individualized experience.  As founder of Final Journey, she wishes to be of service to those who consider their companions as family and who want them to be at home during this time.  Final Journey has been a culmination of her life’s journey, both professionally and personally.

Before veterinary school, Kris volunteered at a raptor center, different horse and dairy barns, a zoo, and ‘pet sat’ for other peoples’ companions.  In all these moments, she learned to respect the relationship with each type of animal. Dr. Klie grew up with dogs, hamsters, and hermit crabs, all of which she thought of as part of her family.  

Dr. Klie graduated from Colorado State University veterinary school in 1996 and came to Connecticut for an internship in small animal medicine and surgery.  Thereafter, she became a relief doctor, which allowed her to practice in over 30 different hospitals.  This allowed her time to attend Hartford Seminary and complete a CPE (clinical pastoral education) unit in chaplaincy.  Dr. Kris has certifications with CAETA (companion animal euthanasia training academy), as a Pet Chaplain and end-of-life doula training.

While in Colorado Dr. Klie met Max, a 1 year old rescue Shepherd mix, who was her first ‘own’ dog and ‘soul pet’.  He was by her side basically all the time through vet school and later. Throughout their decade together, Max taught Dr. Kris about the immense strength of the human:animal bond but also about the depth of its grief and loss. Having been home with him during his final moments felt like a privilege. It is because of Max, that she started Final Journey.