We said goodbye to our boy Lucky on January 31st after 14 years of joy and companionship. His gentle, loving, and adventurous spirit filled our house and our hearts. I was not prepared for how much crying I and our family of 5 would all do with his leaving us.  I am not sure I truly understood the definition of the word “heartbroken” until January 31st and the days afterwards. But with time, this heartbreak is healing.  And is being replaced by the feeling of being blessed.  For although his name was Lucky, it was each of us who were lucky to have been with him.  I want to say how the team at Final Journey made his leaving us that day one of tenderness, dignity and love.  We held him in our arms as he left us and we would not have had it any other way.  A last note; the day after our boy went on his final journey, my wife and I went for an early morning walk by the ocean.  We witnessed the most beautiful and spiritual sunrise.  One of our children sent us a text that said “Are you seeing the sunrise? Lucky showing up and showing off!!”  Our boy in heaven, pulling strings!

~Joseph Luciano