I’ve been dreading the last day with my best boy long before the day came. For 11.5yrs he was my constant companion through all life tossed our way. He was my emotional support pup and I was his emotional support person. Unlike most dogs, he hated the car. The thought of driving him to the vets office one last time ate at my soul. I’m so thankful at home euthanasia was an option. I’m forever grateful for Final Journey for making the worst day of my life thus far just a tad easier. From making the dreadful call to schedule, to promptly returning my emails when I was too distraught to actually talk. Dr. Kris and Kevin were so kind and so supportive. Dr. Kris spoke so gently to my boy as she was administering the medication. He passed peacefully in one of his favorite spots. I held onto his paw and kissed his big fat head. After his heart stopped Dr. Kris gave me a hug, thanked me for loving him. I kissed my boy one last time and left the room, I couldn’t handle seeing his body leave. Thank you for helping Jax cross the rainbow bridge, I am truly grateful and Jax is too.