Mission Statement 

Our Commitment at Final Journey LLC is to provide a humane, dignified and compassionate service for people and their animal companions at a time of transition.


          We are so grateful to bring this new and needed service to Connecticut.  Final Journey will bring comfort and peace to loving families during this sensitive time.

          Final Journey is an in-home euthanasia service for clients who do not wish or cannot bring their animal companion into a hospital/clinic.  There are many reasons why this service will provide love and support for so many people. For example, sometimes a family has a large pet that is too difficult to transport. Final Journey will alleviate any of those concerns by bringing our services to their home.  Also, often times a person or family may desire a more warm and familiar environment than perhaps that of the clinic.  We make this possible by providing another option for our clients.  

          Final Journey was founded by Dr. Kristen A. Klie in 2009.  Dr. Klie has been a relief veterinarian for 13 years and currently works in areas throughout Connecticut.

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